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KAWAY Assurances S.A.

Insurance broker for professionals and individuals, we are at your side, implementing custom insurance programs and helping you to undertake with confidence.

To advise, defend and serve your interests impartially to bring the best of insurance: this is how we define our mission.


The road traffic law, the importation, the exportation of goods, the travel, as well as the lease agreement you have signed require you to be insured and pay your insurance contributions regularly.

Because you have to

In case of disaster, explosion, water damage, you could be held responsible for damage to the building or third party.


In addition, if your own property is damaged, you will be compensated.

Because it is useful

The broker is above all the link between an insured and his insurance company.


A company, a professional, an individual does not necessarily have the time and the desire to take care of the business related to his insurance.


It is often a tedious file, which belongs to a sector with its codes and its own language.


The broker will guide you to the most suitable contract, identifying and analyzing your needs.

Your broker,

your best insurance


Nos Partenaires


Head Office

12, rue Saint Michel

Immeuble Coumba Castel

BP: 1323 - Dakar (Senegal)

(221) 33 842 70 07

(221) 76 601 77 77

You can contact us by filling out a form

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